Public Beta launches in March 2020. It's an exciting time for us, but as a user you probably won't care or notice anything about this. Public Beta is the phase of our product where we're confident in the system we've built and can begin to open it up to the general public. We hope you'll join us!

We've been in development since August 2019, working on bringing true high-yield interest rates to the retail market in a friendly environment. We released Private Beta in January 2020, where we introduced Linus to our early supporters. 

During this period, we will be running experiments. Things will likely break. Often. Public beta users are those who are willing to slog through the early versions of the product to help our team build a better savings alternative.

To join Public Beta, open an account at

Create a Linus Account | Go to the Linus Home Page | Login to your Linus Account

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