Is my rate APR or APY?

Your rate is APY.

How often does interest accrue?

Once you see your transaction confirmed in your Dashboard, you'll begin earning interest immediately. Interest on your Linus account accrues continuously, based on the rate quoted in your Activity Details page. 

You will see balances updated every 6 hours on your Dashboard chart.

Is my rate subject to change?


We update rates monthly, and you will receive an email any time your rate changes. If you would like to see the current interest rate your deposit is earning, please log in and visit your Dashboard or Activity Details page. 

Is my rate a promotional rate?

Nope! Your rate is subject to change, as stated above, however. 


Linus Historical Yields

Linus Historical Rates. Currently 4.0% APY, 4.25% APY, or 4.5% APY depending on account balance.

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