Give $20, earn $20! Doesn't that sound great? Here are the details.

How does the referral promotion work?
After signing up you get a link to invite others to sign up. Once your friend signs up using your link, you both receive $20 added to your account balance after their balance exceeds $100. 

Where do I find my referral link on my Linus dashboard?
You can access your referral link via the top right hand corner of your dashboard, next to the transfer button.  Click to copy/paste or share using our social links.

Linus Referral Component

The Linus referral code component on your dashboard.

How many times can I receive my referral bonus?
As many times as your new user friends sign up. Sign up 10 friends, earn $20 for each, totaling $200. Sign up 100 friends, earn $20 for each, totaling $2000. The amount you earn is up to you.

Do I need to do anything to claim my bonus?
Nope, we'll take care of it for you by adding it to your available balance. You'll see a referral bonus transaction in your activity feed.

How long will it take for my bonus to be deposited in our accounts?
You will see the bonus added immediately after your friend's balance exceeds $100. To make this better, you'll begin earning interest on that bonus at the same time, as if it were already part of your principal!

What happens if my friend signs up, but they don't use my referral link?
We won't be able to give a bonus to either of you if your friend doesn't sign up using your unique link. So make sure that they create their account using it!

The fine print can be found here:

Create a Linus Account | Go to the Linus Home Page | Login to your Linus Account

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