Once you have completed identity verification, you can initiate a transfer as follows:

  1. Click the purple 'Transfer' button in the top right of your account. On mobile, click the purple '+' sign.

  2. Select 'Deposit into Linus'.

  3. Enter the amount, select your deposit type (ACH, Wire, or Card), and choose an account associated with your deposit type. If you do not have an account connected for your chosen deposit type, add one in your Settings, or choose a different deposit method.

  4. Click 'Continue'.

  5. Confirm by clicking 'Initiate Transfer'.

Initiating a Transfer using ACH.

Note: you must have completed identity verification successfully to be able to initiate a transfer of any type. If you have not verified your identity, you will be prompted to complete identity verification prior to creating a transfer.

Special Instructions for Wires:

If you have chosen Wire as the payment method, you will need to push that transaction from your bank to Linus because Linus cannot manually initiate wire transfers on your behalf. You will receive wire instructions via email that will help you complete this. If you need help, reach out via chat and we'll get you sorted.

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