There are two ways to connect your bank account:

  1. Navigate to Transfer, select Bank Transfer ACH as your deposit method, and click 'Connect an Account' from the Account dropdown menu.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Account, and click 'Link Bank Account'.

Connecting your bank account via Transfer.

If you want to remove your bank account connection from Linus, navigate to Settings > Accounts, and click 'Remove'. You must cancel any associated recurring deposits in order to remove a bank account.

Removing your bank account in Settings.

My bank account isn't supported in Plaid, or I'm having trouble connecting with Plaid. Is there another way I can connect it?

Yes! In cases where your account is not supported by Plaid, or you're having trouble connecting it (Chase, PNC, and more), we can manually connect it for you. You will need to share the account information with us and verify account ownership using micro-deposits.

  1. Share your account and routing number with us. Your information will be input into our deposit processor's system.
  2. Our deposit processor will make two micro-deposits into your primary bank account within 1-2 business days.
  3. Share those micro-deposit amounts with us, and we'll verify the amounts with the processor. (Each will be less than $1.00.)
  4. Deposit using your newly connected account!

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