1. Log in to Mint.com

  2. Navigate to ‘Account Settings’. (Or just click here once you're logged in.)

  3. Click ‘Add Account’.

  4. Click ‘Add a Property’.

  5. Click ‘Cash of Debt’.

  6. Select ‘Cash’ and click ‘Next’.

  7. In the form labeled ‘How would you like to see it displayed in Mint?’, change ‘Cash’ to ‘Linus’.

  8. Enter your current Linus Available Balance, found on your dashboard or on your activity page, in the form labeled ‘Total Amount’.

  9. When prompted to associate this account with a loan, mortgage, or line of credit, select ’N/A’.

  10. Click ‘Add It’.

That’s it! Your Linus balance is now added to your Mint.com assets. You can view and edit your balance, found under Property.

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